Corona Public Information

As of 1 June, anyone experiencing (mild) symptoms can get themselves tested for the coronavirus.

Do you have a high temperature for example, a cough, a head cold or have you suddenly lost your sense of smelle and taste? You should then call the national testing line of the GGD 0800-1202 to make an appointment for a corona test. Make sure you keep your BSN citizen service number on hand. Are the lines busy at 0800-1202? Please try again later. 

The website of the national government for the corona test provides you with additonal background information on what symptoms you may experience if you have the coronavirus. 

Heb Do you have questions about the Corona measures where you live? Do you wish to complain about large groups of people gathering? Are you not clear about what the emergency measures mean for your company? Are you not clear about what the emergency measures mean for your company? In that case, please contact your local council. This article gives the information on all 26 municipalities within the province of Utrecht.

The Corona crisis may have a negative influence on your company. You could possibly be eligible for government support. There is a scheme for reduced working hours for example, the Tax Authorities can grant suspension of payment and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) is providing extra financial security for SMEs. If you are a business owner in the hospitality or travel branch for example, this will make it easier for you to arrange a loan. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Business owners can contract the advisory team at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. Alternatively, contact your local council for more information on support.



HDo you have a trip planned? The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives the latest travel advice per country. Please check this before travelling. Have you booked a trip, but you'd like to cancel it? In that case, please contact travel organisation with whom you booked. 

In this infographic, provided by the National government, gives the basic rules regarding the coronavirus. Stick to these rules wherever possible in order to protect yourself and vulnerable other people around you, from the coronavirus. 


IThis article provides all kinds of useful links that refer you to websites giving additional information on the coronavirus and the vaccine.