IThis article provides all kinds of useful links that refer you to websites giving additional information on the coronavirus and the vaccine. 

  • Are you looking for simple information on the coronavirus? Steffie can explain it all. 
  • More information about corona and vaccine in Dutch on the website of Rijksoverheid.
  • Do you have any questions about the coronavirus? Please call the National information line on 0858 - 1351. This number can be reached from 8.00 – 20.00 hours. 
  • Would you like to get yourself tested? Call the national testing line on 0800 - 1202 and check out the GGD Utrecht Region website for all information on testing (in Dutch), of the National goverment website. 
  • Would you like the latest health information about the coronavirus? Check out the Pharos website via the link on GGD Utrecht Region.   
  • Would you like the latest travel advice for you holiday destination? It can be found on the National government website. Here, you'll also find additional information on the laws and legislation. 
  • Would you like the latest updates on the coronavirus? Go to the RIVM (National Dutch Institute for Public Health and Environment. The RIVM coordinates the combating of the virus. 
  • The national coronavirus dashboard gives information on the development of the coronavirus in the Netherlands (in Dutch).
  • Check out the druktemonitor (crowd monitor, in Dutch) of the Province of Utrecht to quickly discover which places you should avoid.
  • Do you need any further assistance or support? Please contact your own local council for a list of contacts, to check whether there are local initiatives that can held you in any other way.